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At Albino & Mackie, LLC, we recognize that Family Law matters, like families themselves, are each unique.  When you are involved in the Family Court system, it can be the most confusing and frightening time in your life.  Arlene F. Albino and Megan Clark Mackie understand the emotional turbulence that Family Law disputes can cause.  Our vast experience can help you navigate any of the difficult issues you may face, which include: separating from a spouse or domestic partner, divorce, establishing or modifying child custody, parenting time, calculating and modifying spousal and child support, division of jointly accumulated assets and debts and domestic violence.  

We work closely with each of our clients to learn their specific needs, goals and priorities.  We then offer creative legal solutions to assist our clients in making decisions that will secure their interests into the future.  Our focus is always on resolving Family Law matters in the most civil, efficient manner possible, and to minimize the uncertainty and disruption those issues can bring to our client’s lives.  Should your matter require swift, decisive action, we have the skill and experience to fight for you. 

When you are facing extremely difficult challenges and decisions that will impact your family members’ lives well into the future, you need and deserve compassionate, attentive and experienced legal counsel.  At Albino & Mackie, LLC, our mission is to safeguard what matters most to each of our clients.

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